being best friends with a guy is extremely stressful tbh.

extremely. stressful.

I am fucking dying

I am dying. This is so funny


Anime guys these days are soooo original ( ´ ▽ ` )


Anime guys these days are soooo original ( ´ ▽ ` )




The Most Beautiful Steps Around The World

1. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco  

2. Valparaíso, Chile  

3. Seoul, South Korea  

4. Sicily, Italy  

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil  

6. Stairs of Peace in Syria  

7. Angers, France  

8. Morlaix, France  

9. Tehran, Iran  

10. Beirut, Lebanon  

See the rest here:

so amazing


Gimme ten meat lovers pizzas plz


Gimme ten meat lovers pizzas plz


Hiccup & Toothless sketches by Dean Deblois

I’ll stop editing these in due time i promise

officialyatogami asked: " Hey there mister! Today must be your lucky day! Im the almighty delivery God Yato! And for only 5 yen i will gant you a wish, pretty cheap and awesome right?! So, are you interested? "




Gintoki cocked an eyebrow, as incredulous as ever. “Five yen sounds a little too expensive for a wish. Make it two.”

" Shit shit shit shit shit shit "
Inner Yato was about to burst into yelling and crying, he barely touched his hair with the straightener! The hair kept falling off like snow.. wait this wasn’t the right time to start making imaginary haikus! Maybe he should try glue or something ..
" W-wait! I’m not done yet! G-give me a minute! "
What he should do now?! He never had to deal with this kind of situation!
" Er.. just curiosity here but.. hum, how old are you exactly ? "

"…Okay? I thought it’d take less time because you’re a god." Gintoki lifted a hand to scratch his head, but decided against it and lowered it again. As he leaned back, he told Yato, "I’m twenty-four. I’m like an old man compared to you, kid! It’s the silver perm, isn’t it? Maybe I should dye it red. Could you dye it red while you’re at it? I want to be like Renji’s from Bleach."


This movie is going to DESTROY me.

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